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I got this email a few days ago:


So - here we go Vini - Follow these next steps and you should be good to go!

Get your chat history

Get your chat history from WhatsApp. You’ll need the .txt file for this. There are different ways to do this, you can follow the official instruction.

A note on privacy

WhatsApp conversations are stored encrypted on your phone. However once you obtain a .txt file, it is no longer encrypted. Anyone with the file can access its contents. Using the notebook will upload your file to some Google server. You can always run this locally, but this requires some setup.

Open the code on colab

Open this link. This will bring you to Colab, an online python notebook interpreter. The code will run directly in your browser (chrome, firefox, etc.)

Upload your file


Run any code cell



That’s it! Now you can run any of the other cells. Hope this helps Vini!